Crazy Baldhead - Boots In Dub Vinyl


The Dub remix version of the album BOOTS EMBRACES
credits released March 15, 2015

1. Dubbin' For Don
2. Boots In Dub
3. Think About It (Dub One Thing)
4. Cause I'm (Dubbing In And Out)
5. Something Is Wrong (Dub Something)
6. Dub Life (After All)
7. We Say (Dub Back)
8. Save A Dub
9. Run Dub
10. Aria Dub
11. Revolution.Dub
12. A Dub Way Off

Words & Music - Agent Jay (except ARIA DUB by J. S. Bach); Lead Vocals - Brukky, Jah Point, Jahn Xavier; Drums - Eddie Ocampo; Bass - Dan Jeselsohn, Vic Ruggiero; Piano & Organ - Vic Ruggiero, Jack Wright, Agent Jay; Guitar & Percussion - Agent Jay; Trombone - Buford O'Sullivan; Saxophone - David Hillyard; Backing Vocals - Maddie Ruthless, Chris Erazo, Joey Steel
Dubbed by Agent Jay at Stabby Road Studio, Brooklyn